January 15, 2020

Child Care Aware of Washington Wins Grant to Help Count All Children in the 2020 Census

Very young children have previously been among the most under-counted groups in the United States census. With billions of federal dollars dependent upon population, it is important to count everyone, including every infant and child.

Thanks to the Washington Census Equity Fund, our state’s nonprofit community is stepping up to help ensure the accuracy of the 2020 Census. Child Care Aware of Washington recently won a grant from the Equity Fund to help ensure that all of Washington’s youngest children are included. With billions in federal investments dependent on population (Washington received more than $16 billion in federal funds in 2016 based on the 2010 census) it is clear that counting everyone matters.

We look forward to joining dozens of other nonprofits in helping with this important effort. In the coming weeks we will create informational postcards for child care providers to share with families to help them understand the importance of an accurate census count. In the meantime, see who the other grantees are here: http://bit.ly/2QQbJml.