Scholarship FAQs

Can I use my scholarship with other scholarships, grants or loans?

Yes. Child Care Aware of Washington scholarships can be used in conjunction with most forms of financial aid and scholarships, except for Early Achievers grants. Your scholarship will be applied to student financial aid packages after all other grants and scholarships, and before any student loans.

What colleges can I attend?

You can attend any Washington state higher education institution.

Do I have to major in early childhood education to qualify and keep this scholarship?

Child Care Aware of Washington scholarships will cover any coursework necessary for the completion of your academic goals in early childhood education or another approved academic program.

I was just awarded a scholarship, but I cannot find classes to take this quarter. Can I wait until next quarter to use my scholarship?

As a new scholar, you are required to enroll in courses the first quarter your scholarship starts. For example, if your scholarship begins September 1st, you must register for courses for fall quarter. If you are unable to enroll for whatever reason, you must contact us. 

What if I drop a class?

Once Child Care Aware of Washington sends a payment voucher for your tuition and fees for the quarter, we intend to pay the full amount billed by the college. If you drop a course, you may be charged a portion or all of the costs for that course. To avoid financial responsibility, contact the college to identify the date for which a full refund can be made. 

What if I fail a class?

If you fail a class, you will be required to repeat it the following quarter or as soon as that class is next available. Child Care Aware of Washington will cover the cost of the first failed course, but if you fail the same class again, you will be responsible for reimbursing Child Care Aware of Washington for the cost of the second class. 

Do I have to re-apply for the scholarship every quarter?

Your scholarship contract is active for one year. You will find the specific dates in your scholarship contract. You can renew your scholarship for another year if you meet the eligibility requirements and if you have successfully completed your existing contract and the end-of-contract survey. We will contact eligible scholars prior to the end of their contracts to inquire about interest in renewal.