Child Care Aware of Washington Services for Families Experiencing Homelessness

Is your family experiencing homelessness?

We can help you find and pay for high-quality, licensed child care.

What can child care offer?

  • Individualized care and attention
  • Trained caregivers
  • A warm, clean, safe environment
  • Healthy, nutritious meals
  • Playing and learning through fun activities
  • Support for the whole family

How do families qualify? Do you:

  • Not have a home?
  • Live temporarily with family or friends?
  • Live in a shelter, car or park?
  • Live in transitional housing?
  • Live in domestic violence program housing?
  • Meet income eligibility requirements? (We can help you find out.)

How do we help?

  • We help you find out if you are eligible for the child care subsidy.
  • We help you navigate the state subsidy system and complete your application for Working Connections Child Care.
  • We help you find a licensed child care provider that fits the needs of your child and your family.
  • We connect you with other services in your community.

Please note: Child Protective Services (CPS) will not take your child away because you are homeless. Homelessness is not child abuse or neglect.

See how child care can really make a difference for young children experiencing homelessness.

Call us at 800-446-1114 or email us at to get started. Click here for a printable flier. Haga clic aquí para obtener un folleto imprimible. Halkan riix si aad u hesho wargeys la daabacay.

Or call the Washington State Department of Children, Youth, and Families directly at 844-626-8687 and ask for access to the Working Connections Homeless Grace Period. The Washington State Administrative Code (WAC) to reference is 170-209-0023: Homeless Grace Period.

Our services for homeless families are provided by the Child Care Aware of Washington Family Center, operated by Child Care Resources, and generously supported by the Washington State Department of Children, Youth, and Families.

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