Juun 22, 2018

Child Care Aware ee Washington Qorshaha Sare ee Siyaasadda Socdaalka Hadda

Child Care Aware ee Washington waxay ku biiraan caruurteena qaran iyo asxaabteena u doodista qoyska iyaga oo cambaareeynaya siyaasadaha socdaalka socdaalka ee keenaya dhaawacyada waayeelka ah ee carruurta iyo qoysaska. Forcibly separating infants, toddlers and children from their parents inflicts significant trauma at a time when these children’s brains are the most vulnerable. Trauma experienced during the first five years disrupts child development and negatively impacts the structure of children’s brains.

We are deeply concerned for these children and families. Without immediate reunification and significant early intervention services to help support their recovery, these children face futures where they are at increased risk for developmental delays, learning difficulties, behavior and emotional problems and even negative health outcomes. Immediate reunification of these families and the provision of mental and emotional intervention services will help these families begin the healing process.

The new policy of incarcerating entire families is not the solution this crisis demands. Child Care Aware of Washington calls for a return to human decency in our immigration policies and for a renewed focus on the importance and dignity of every child and family.