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Your support helps Washington’s children!

Child Care Aware of Washington supports all licensed child care programs across Washington. During the COVID-19 crisis, with K-12 schools closed, our child care system is shouldering the huge burden of caring for more children so that many parents who cannot work from home can work knowing their children are safe and learning.

But many child care programs are closing or are on the verge of closing, not because of exposure to the virus, but because they cannot get the supplies they need to safely operate their small businesses. These supplies include cleaning and hygiene products, USDA compliant food and dairy products. The most urgently needed items are hand soap, toilet paper, bleach and paper towels. Many child care owners shop at their local markets, which are out of many of these supplies. We are seeking financial donations to purchase these items; we are not accepting donations of the supplies themselves.

We recently delivered our first round of supplies. Our early learning coaches are making deliveries to provider’s porches. One coach shared that one of the providers was so happy to receive supplies she was crying. “It was so heartbreaking not to be able to hug her. She apologized for crying over paper towels. She is so scared right now not knowing how long this is going to last.”

Our mission at Child Care Aware of Washington is to support child care providers and families, and we are trying to make more deliveries. We urgently need funding so we can get supplies to where they are needed most.

Your support will help ensure that Washington’s child care providers can safely stay open and serve the children of many professionals who work in health care, groceries, transportation and first responders. We are a 501 (c) (3) organization and your donation is tax deductible.

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